Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-Mix Concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a batch plant, according to computer operated engineered requirement.
The process of manufacturing Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) divided in two stages. First is the barrel truck which delivers concrete in a row state to the site. Second is the silo type plant or volumetric concrete mixer which delivers the ready mix in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on site. Ready-mix concrete is widely used as a replacement of other materials considering the cost and multiple application in building, particularly in large scale projects like multi-storey buildings and bridge construction.
Ready-mixed concrete is used in construction projects where the construction site is not willing, or unable, to mix concrete on site. Using ready-mixed concrete means product is delivered finished, on demand, in the specific quantity required, in the specific mix design required. For a small to medium project, the cost and time of hiring mixing equipment, labour, plus purchase and storage for the ingredients of concrete, added to environmental concerns (cement dust is an airborne health hazard)[2] may simply be not worthwhile when compared to the cost of ready-mixed concrete, where the customer pays for what they use, and allows others do the work up to that point. For a large project, outsourcing concrete production to ready-mixed concrete suppliers means delegating the quality control and testing, material logistics and supply chain issues and mix design, to specialists who are already established for those tasks, trading off against introducing another contracted external supplier who needs to make a profit, and losing the control and immediacy of on-site mixing.

Applications and benefits

  • Uniform, consistent and assured quality of concrete
  • Flexibility in concrete design mixes
  • Easier addition of admixtures
  • Faster and speedier construction
  • Reduced inventories, material handling and storage of raw materials at sites
  • Savings in labour requirements, labour costs and supervision of labour
  • Reduced wastage of materials

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