Diaphragm Wall

Diaphragm Wall

Wagad Buildcon is buildup under umbrella of Wagad Infraprojects Pvt Ltd specializing in diaphragm wall construction. 

Wagad Buildcon’s Diaphragm wall technology have state of the art specialized equipment for excavating slurry trenches to construct diaphragm walls. 

Wagad Buildcon’s maintain the inventory of our own specialized trenching equipment like hydraulic clamshells, fraise and hydro mills which are manufactured by mainly Casagrande.

Diaphragm walls are rectangular-section excavations with a complete ground asportation that is made in situ. The result is an underground concrete wall. They are essentially retention walls, which are constructed for instance at wharfs. A rectangular-section tool is generally used to remove the soil, thus creating a rectangular excavation. Furthermore the rectangles making up the wall must be interlocked to ensure structural endurance and water tightness. The diaphragm wall panel construction entails three steps: the construction of guide wall, the panel excavation (demolition – removal – stabilization), and the construction phase (reinforcing cage – casting – curing). To build a continuous diaphragm wall the primary panels are firstly constructed and spaced at a distance slightly larger than the panel width. The secondary panels are built in the empty spaces between the primary ones.

Applications and benefits

  • Earth retention walls for deep excavations, basements, and tunnels.
  • High capacity vertical foundation elements.
  • Retaining wall-foundations
  • Retaining wall-water control
  • Used in top-down construction method as permanent basement walls