Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

We have managed and successfully completed many commercial projects in around the country including parking facility, hostel and buildings.

When constructing a new commercial project, the multitude of tasks can often overwhelm new contractor company. Companies assume the responsibilities for planning, coordinating, and supervising the project from start to finish.

ltimately, project management companies must ensure the project stays on budget by completing on schedule, negotiating contracts and supplies, and securing building permits and licenses.

Ideally there are six significant steps of the commercial construction process: development and planning, pre-design, design, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.

As a company we play major role in step 5 which is construction phase. This process includes site preparation, implement drainage to building code, excavate site, lay utilities, arrange power, water and sanitation, remove vegetation, and construct temporary storage facility, foundation and framing.

Constructing a commercial building requires many steps and good communication and collaboration between numerous professionals to ensure the project stays on budget. Selecting building products that enhance the efficiency of the building process.

Upon completion of the project, the contractor and client will walk through the structure and create a punch list. The punch list identifies unsatisfactory components of the construction that need further attention before officially completing the project. After completing the punch list, the building may obtain a Substantial Completion certificate, and a building official can perform the final inspection.